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Increased the reliability of a national data network at a telecommunications giant headquartered in the Midwest by reducing its total network downtime an astounding 50-fold from an average of 9 hours annually to only 11 minutes per year.

Reduced time-to-market 63% to and customer-found defects 85% at a major cable company on the East Coast by pushing quality improvement and defect detection upstream in its supplier’s new product introduction process.

Implemented three transportation and logistics cost-reduction projects that are calculated to save millions of dollars over the next five years at a West Coast manufacturer of optical transmission equipment for the service provider market.

Improved profitability at a leading software application firm in the Mountain West by slashing underperforming part numbers (SKUs) by over 60%, saving more than $9M per year in manufacturing, localization, freight and warehousing costs.

Cut software upgrade time on a 500-device data network from six months to less than four weeks at a major East Coast service provider, a six-fold reduction with no unplanned outages for end users. This led directly to $5M in new business for the supplier that sponsored the project.

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